High pressure washers

120 to 200 bar cold water machines, hot/cold (steam clean) for the small workshop, fleet owner or the person wanting to start a car valet service. We also stock wet&dry vacuum cleaners.

Tune-Up and Engine Analyzer

Our Ferret engine analyzer works from your car battery. Fully mobile and as standard equipment is supplied with longer cables to be used in the car or truck for those problems you cannot solve while tuning. While tuning or testing in progress any fault can be printed out or stored in memory. You can do ignition primary, fuel injection, charging, hard starting, spark burn, power balance, cranking analysis, timing, scope, slope and many more tests with a printout to show your customer the before and after results. Our Ferret machine is supplied with a mobile stand on castors for in workshop use. A cover is standard to form a suitcase to make it  fully mobile.

Service Light Cancel Rest Tool

We Offer a free sign 800x600mm with the first 30 reset tool orders 

Phone  Wynand on 082 4414 585  fax 011 740 3142


to arrange a urgent appointment to view ..... 12 month guarantee ..... charge R150 per car to reset service lights ....... you need to do 25 cars to cover your outlay .... then profit all the way.

2 or 4 Post car lifts

For the exhaust workshop, general repairs, C.V. joints or brake repairer. All popular and proven brands in stock.

Tyre Changers and Wheel balancers

Manual, semi automatic or fully automatic for tyre shops, wheel balancers, alignment machines and low level lifts. To start a puncture or emergency tyre service you need a manual tyre changer, some trestles and a trolley jack.