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The Digital Audio Workstation is Soundscapes with V2.software which features time compression \ expansion, pitch change,and all the standard digital editing tools including 12 physical digital playout tracks.

The internal A.V.I.card provides real time non-linear picture follow audio capabalities.

02r-s.gif (5554 bytes)    The mixing console is the Yamaha 02R V2.

40-input/8-buss Fully Automated mixer.

The O2R Digital Recording Console offers compatibility with all major digital audio formats, a comprehensive I/O configuration, full on-board automation, 32-bit internal digital processing, and a stunning array of features in a compact, exceptionally functional design. This innovative console is a    combination of digital precision and creative versatility.

C.D.R.,DAT,Mini disk,and cassette formats are provided.

The T.C.Electronics Finaliser provides extra enhancement and "kick"on the finished product.

The Korg Z1 keyboard enables midi facilities to the Akai 3000xl sampler for fx sync to picture  requirments.

Tannoy near field and far field monitoring are the order of the day.