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We formed this Association in March1998 because we wanted to promote Sodwana Bay and raise the level of service we offer the diving public. 

Please browse our website to see who we are and what we aim to do. Your comments and involvement would be much appreciated.

Buoy Installations 

We have installed marker buoys on all the popular dive sites. The reasons are both practical and conservational. It has made life safer and easier for students, instructors, qualified divers and skippers alike to be able to know exactly where a dive site is. The students are able to use the buoy line for their descent. The reef benefits because we have installed the buoys on patches of sand thus minimising the damage done by numerous descending divers. We have installed buoys at Anton's, Stringer, Monty's, Pinnacles, Four Buoy, Caves and Overhangs and Sponge. 


Information Signs 

We undertook to create and erect four signs. Three on the beach and one as you get to Sodwana. 


2-mile reef and Buoy: 

This will show 2 mile reef and all the marker buoys. It has been created but still needs to be converted into a large outdoor sign. We have small versions of the sign for sale. We are looking for sponsors for this sign. 

Please click to see map of 2-mile reef 


Beach Etiquette: 

This informs the public what behaviour is expected of them on the beach. It has been created, made up and just needs a frame. It has been sponsored by CMAS. 


Diver rules and regulations: 

This has yet to be created although we do have the text. We are looking for a sponsor for this sign. 


Welcome to the Coral Coast: 

We hope to erect this sign at the corner near the bakery. We have not commenced this sign yet. We are also looking for a sponsor for this sign. 


Contact Information

Telephone: +27 (083) 583 0733
Fax:   +27 (035) 571 0055
Postal address: PO Box 183 - Mbazwana - 3974
Electronic mail: sblsc@icon.co.za


Send mail to sblsc@icon.co.za with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: February 10, 2001