It should be pointed out that this site is called "Runemagic" to highlight the
"magic" of runic DIVINATION, and not formal rune magic per se.


The runes are a system of divination dating back thousands of years. Rock- engraved symbols were early attempts by Bronze Age shamans to record their cosmic insights. By the fifth century BCE, these symbols were married with Etruscan lettering. Over the next millennium, the Germans, Goths, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings all evolved their own distinct form of runes. This site is dedicated to the most prevalent runic alphabet, the Elder German FUThARK, (FUThARK being the first six "letters" of the "alphabet").

The interpretation of the sacred rune symbols was orally transmitted from shaman to pupil. Herein lies the meaning of "rune": i.e. "a whispered secret" or "mystery". Runes accurately reflect the dynamics of our physical, emotional, or spiritual realities. By reading rune patterns, the shaman identifies the best choices necessary for unfolding one's life with greater clarity and balance. Runes also resonate and correlate with other major esoteric systems.


If you are keen to have the runes answer a specific question within minutes, then go to Rune Reading . This site also has tables of correspondences for the budding rune shaman at Symbolism. You will find details on rune-sets and accessories in my catalogue.