RUNE SHAMAN, VITKI (plural, vitkar), ERULI, RUNESTER Person involved in deep level rune craft.
RUNE CRAFT Use of rune skill (esoteric knowledge) for comprehending and causing changes in one’s objective/subjective environment.
RUNIC DIVINATION Use of rune symbols by the rune shaman as a focus for a practice involving the passive reception of impressions from the objective environment and/or occult (hidden) aspects of subjective reality. (i.e. from tradition, thought and, intuition ~ the "inner God").
A RUNESPREAD consists of the placement of runes in a predetermined stead.

A STEAD is a layout or pattern of predetermined/ "programmed" significance.

A RUNE READING synthesises significance from:

  1. (i) The generic meanings, as well as juxtaposition, of the runes within therunespread
    (ii) The predetermined stead or framework of meaning, and
    (iii) The (interpretation) intellectual and intuitive insights of the rune shaman.


Use of rune symbols by the rune shaman as a focus for a practice involving the active projection of the will and consciousness into his/her objective and/or subjective reality, thereby altering it. (Divination logic in reverse!).




Verbal magic through the intonation of mantras (incantations, enchantment), using rune symbols as a method of objectifying the verbal content and hence objectifying magical intent.


Or RUNIC YOGA, is an active system of magic developed in Germany in the early 20th C., and consists of adopting runic postures (runen-asana) or gestures (runen-mudra) for magical effect within the rune shaman's subjective/ objective environment.


Runic talismanic (tine) magic. (c.f. "tower/naar) e.g. RUNESCRIPTS or BIND-RUNES, which define and direct magical power. The latter is an overlay of 2+ rune symbols (more practical than a script), and is an active attempt to impose one’s will on one’s subjective and/or objective environment.

Process of the unseen web of synchronicity, cause and effect throughout the cosmos. The Nordic (northern) expression of eastern KARMA.



(Primal layers) = effect of the wyrd = result of overlay of historic actions/events.