Gyrotonic Expansion System®

Bored with your Pilates workout? Looking to challenge your yoga technique? Try the Gyrotonic Expansion System®for an intense diversion. Be forewarned - the Gyrotonic Expansion System® machine looks like large instrument of torture. Crafted from wood and steel with an intricate series of leather straps and pulleys. The exercise studios are clean but un-glamorous, yet the workout is amazing."The rotational movements are great for older women, golfers and baseball players" says instructor Natasha Madel of the Pilaties studio in Houghton, Johannesburg. "Athletes like it because it's like lubricating their joints." Through word of mouth, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® has generated a presence in major cities throughout the world: London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and more. "Gyrotonic Expansion System® appeals to those looking for a more intelligent body-training method," says Natasha. Utilizing principles from kundalini yoga, dance and the martial arts, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. Small wonder then that celebrities who have worked with the system include Patrick Swayze, Susan Jaffe of the New York City Ballet, Bernadette Peters, Randy Johnson and golfer Andrew Magee.

The secret to the Gyrotonic Expansion System® success is its emphasis on making circular movements, instead of stagnating with linear back-and-forth motions. Explains Julio Horvath, a former dancer and the founder of this method: " From the word "gyro' (meaning ring, spiral or circle) and "tonic' (to tone or invigorate), the Gyrotonic® system is a way of increasing range of motion, coordination, and strength by performing prescribed graceful, circular motions.