Pilates History

JOSEPH PILATES developed his system, involving more than 500 exercises and six specially designed pieces of equipment, in the 1920's. Born in Germany, Pilates began experimenting with resistance exercises using hospital bed springs while interned in a British prison camp in World War I. He later moved to New York, set up a studio and spent decades designing the equipment and exercises used today by people in all walks of life wanting an intelligent, energising workout. The Method offers:

A long, lean, toned physique.
Weight reduction.
Improved posture & flexibility.
Reduced tension & stress.
Injury prevention & rehabilitation.

Pilates emphasizes focus, control and co-ordination. It is a challenging, energising & rewarding alternative to conventional fitness regimes. The focus of the work is on developing what Joseph Pilates called the 'Powerhouse' - made up of the abdomen, buttocks, lower back and thighs - as the center of the body's strength and control. The studio is run by Natasha Madel, certified in New York by master teacher Rornana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates' leading students during his lifetime.