Offers private and duo sessions, using Joseph Pilates' original equipment as well as small group mat classes.

Pilates exercises are customised to suit your body, capabilities and goals. Our aim is to help you achieve your highest physical potential whatever your age and fitness level. Powerhouse Personal Training provides:

Focused, individually tailored sessions which produce results.
Highly qualified instructors.
A Pleasant, quiet, non-competitive exercise environment.
Personal attention at all times.

Exercise tailored specifically to your needs - whatever your age and fitness level - from sedentary to super-fit.

Why the houghton or Madel Pilates? Because it is the only system practiced in South Africa which uses the original New York concept, devised by Joseph Pilates. Natasha Madel, is the only New York certified instructor in South Africa, who has also understudied with Romano who is one of the desciples of Joseph Pilates.