Weekly message

The Messiah Is the Focus of Truly Human Life

Wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her. Matthew 26:13

We are fulfilling our Lord's prophecy as we read this lesson. He is not praising a specific work or recommending neglect of the poor. He is reminding us of the heart of our lives, the core of human existence: the proper relationship with God. All of human life falls into place if it is focused on Jesus. For He has come to reveal to us what Adam and Eve knew before the fall: that life is worth living only when it finds its focus and centre in our God. Listening and looking to God frees us to hear and see the goodness He has given us..

Christ came to die so that we might regain this life and can use all His gifts properly. The woman from Bethany prepared Him for burial. He has prepared us for resurrection through His death. He raises us up to live with the same kind of devotion and trust shown by that woman. That is the devotion and trust that lead us to bring the focus on the poor in spirit and in physical want back to God through the love they receive from Him through us.

Focus our lives, our trust, and our devotion on You, O Lord, and thus let us join the woman from Bethany in praising You. Amen.