Why Kelkiewyn ?

The Kelkiewyn logo consists of a bird, a flower and a wineglass.

'Pterocles namaqua'
This Namaqua sand grouse is the only one with a long pointy tail; and is commonly called 'Kelkiewyn', because when it calls, whilst in flight, it sounds like 'kelkie wyn, kelkie wyn'
(English pronunciation: 'calkey vain')

Written as two words: kelkie wyn means a goblet (stemmed glass) of wine

'Babiana rubrocyanea'
This is a small tuberous plant with tulip-shaped flowers in deep blue with white and scarlet centres. In the Afrikaans language they are also called 'Kelkiewyn' due to the resemblence to a long stemmed wine glass filled with red wine. (in Afrikaans a 'kelkie' is a goblet or a long stemmed wine glass; and 'wyn' is the Afrikaans for wine.

At Kelkiewyn we strive to fulfill the needs of each individual guest. We realise that each person has his own needs - some insist on privacy while others look for company. Either way ... we will be there to chat to you, or to leave you strictly alone to relax and unwind after a hard day.