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Who are we

The Johannesburg Society for the Blind has been operational for over 70 years. It was started as the Society to Help Civilian Blind by Dorothy Nollan as a shelter for blind people in Johannesburg. The Society offers a wide range of services for young and elderly people and is committed to helping all visually impaired and blind people on a non-discriminatory basis.

The Aims of the Society

To promote the independence and well being of people who are partially sighted and blind through rehabilitation education and personal support, enabling individuals to achieve the maximum level of self-integration.

To promote the abilities and potential of people with visual impairments by publicizing their achievements and their special needs.

To educate the community about visual impairment including its treatment and prevention.

To create a climate of opportunity for all blind people in society.

To facilitate self-help projects whereby blind people come to play a meaningful and valuable role in their communities once again.


We believe that people with disabilities and/or impairments are not sick. Whilst acknowledging that as people with disabilities each person's disability will shape their lives we are committed to them as people first and people with disabilities second. We maintain an asset NOT a disability or impairment focus.


A rehabilitation program is provided to assist visually impaired and blind people at the society and in the community.

The Program includes: