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The Eye


The "window"of the eye.


The coloured part of the eye behind the cornea. The amount of pigment in the iris determines the colour of the eye.


The small opening in the middle of the iris that regulates the amount of light that enters the eye. In dim light the pupil is large and in bright light it is small.


The natural "spectacle" of the eye which focuses the light rays reflected from an object on to the retina.


The light sensitive nerve layer that forms the inner lining of the eye and is responsible for sight.


Rods are very sensitive to light and enables a person to see in dim light.


Cones are concentrated more at the macula and are responsible for detailed and colour vision.


A very small area in the central part of the retina, in which the cones are mostly situated.

Optic nerve

(eye nerve) The conductor between the eye and brain consisting of many nerve fibbers.


The outer white protective coating of the eye.

Vitreous Body

The jelly that fills the rear portion of the eye.

Water Body

The liquid that fills the front part of the eye between the cornea and lens.

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