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Traditional Games of Africa

Moraba Moraba and Diketo

Games have been played for thousands of years in every part of the world. Indigenous Africans also devised their own games, mostly by digging holes in the ground and using pebbles.

They call the holes "Kraals" and the pebbles "cows"

Why, you may ask? The wealth of an African man was - and often still is measured by the number of cattle he owns. The cow is therefore a very valuable commodity for the Africans. It is the equivalent of money in the westernised world.

The "Kraal" is the homestead of the African village. It consists of seveal round huts, usally made of grass or mud huts, which are placed in a circle. The kingskraal obviously belonged to the head of the villages.

In this games pack, we introduce you to two African Games: Moraba-raba and Diketo.

Traditional games of Africa available in pine, kiaat and cherry, with semi-precious stones as playing tokens. Plastic boards available soon.

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