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This gallery has been created for the benefit of Cirlist Members and people considering the various circumcision styles.  This page is not aimed at the general public or intentionally meant to be pornographic.

Adult/teenage circumcision is for many a intense experience with a direct impact on their physio-psychological-and emotional make-up. Contrary to popular belief and the anti-circ propaganda, most males who have decided to be circumcised regret not having made the decision earlier.       

If any material infringes upon copyright please notify me and it will be removed.

I have tried to display images not already available at the Circlist Homepage. Contributions by members are welcomed.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the gallery.

Short Circumcision Stories  

  1.   The Doctor and Darren
  2.   Terry 's Circumcision
  3.   Terry and the Doctor- Sequel to The Doctor and Darren.
  4.   Fair Exchange
  5.   Terry and the Skinhead - A circumcision taken to far.
  6.   Circumcision Poker
  7.   Kiptony Circumcision- A tale of a European teenager ritual African Circumcision.
  8.   A Blade for Ryan - Outsmarting a young offender.
  9.   Mike and Todd's Circumcisions
  10.   Dads Gift- 16 Year old son circumcised by his Dad
  11.   A Checkup to remember: A budding teenager's desire to be like his older brother.



p.jpg (13568 bytes)Note the amount of skin in which the shaft can slide.p1a.jpg (31605 bytes)p1b.jpg (10314 bytes)p2.jpg (8443 bytes)p4.jpg (29972 bytes)p4a.jpg (19460 bytes)p5.jpg (16829 bytes)p5a.jpg (17405 bytes)after1a.jpg (37432 bytes)

p6a.jpg (7932 bytes)p7a.jpg (19106 bytes)p7b.jpg (33088 bytes)p7c.jpg (13191 bytes)p8a.jpg (16265 bytes)p8b.jpg (17485 bytes)p9.jpg (22477 bytes)p9a.jpg (11716 bytes)p9b.jpg (21956 bytes)p9c.jpg (8127 bytes)p6c.jpg (28396 bytes)Note the prominent vein development that commences during adolescence. A child does not developed such extensive veins and therefore the procedure is much simpler.p6bb.jpg (18497 bytes)

p3.jpg (37073 bytes)p6d.jpg (23683 bytes)p9d.jpg (18646 bytes)p9e.jpg (19300 bytes)Short Foreskinp5aa.jpg (22273 bytes)p6cc.jpg (23236 bytes)Problem1.jpg (26740 bytes)Problem2.jpg (26287 bytes)Problem3.jpg (31386 bytes)Problem4.jpg (33652 bytes)

Smegmagerman1.jpg (23371 bytes)Long foreskin- erect with corona unexposed. Short foreskin- corona exposed when erect.Short foreskin- Corona exposed when erect. Neil9a.jpg (14886 bytes)Neil9b.jpg (14208 bytes)New5.jpg (29577 bytes)Neil8.jpg (17446 bytes)Neil3.jpg (11464 bytes)ring.jpg (16766 bytes)Neil6.jpg (30831 bytes)

Note the very prominet frenum- usually removed when circumcised. Note the absence of major arteries on the shaft. Feb8a.jpg (12359 bytes)Feb8b.jpg (16833 bytes)Short foreskin which covers the corana when erect.Short blunt foreskin with large opening. Note the frenumNeat cut with no clear distinction of inner and outer skin. Note the absence of major visible arteries, suggesting that it is a young male. Look how the flaring of the corona is inhibited by the foreskin. Semi-erect with near full coverage of the corona.

Good example of how much needs to be removed to obtain a tight cut.. June05.jpg (30258 bytes)Note the looseness of the skin over the corona.Short adult foreskin.Fully retracted.Note the smoothness of the skin. Jan5.jpg (17376 bytes)



Phimosis ExampleAp1.jpg (41074 bytes)Note the tight foreskin.



Routine Childhood Circumcision

Morgen ClampDirectly after Morgen cut. Nearly no bleeding. Basic sequence of RIC.Gomco circumcision in progress. Freehand circumcision: The dorsal slit has just been cut. Freehand circumcision: Removal of the foreskin.Circumcision completed.

Boyhood Circumcision

13 Year old boy with phimosis being prepared for a circumcision.Applying local anesthetic. Foreskin removal.Turkish Circumcision

Adult Circumcision

A willing and reluctant slave submitting to circumcision.Freehand Circumcision- looks worse than it really is. To a large extent the style of cut is determined by the skill of the surgeon.Nicely sown up but note how the quick swelling occurs. TaraKlamp: Do it Yourself KitGomco Clamp: Adult CircumcisionHealingNormal  "swelling" and bruising"  to be expected after adult circumcision.Nearly completely healed. The ridge will shortly disappear.



Short Foreskin6 Days after CircumcisionFrank uncut.Frank fully healed.

More before and after images of Kevins Circumcision

ReadyNote the Low and Tight cut.  The remains of the foreskin.Nearly finished with the stitching.



after1.jpg (24083 bytes)after1b.jpg (8747 bytes)after2.jpg (11740 bytes)after3.jpg (9226 bytes)after3a.jpg (11262 bytes)after3b.jpg (23263 bytes)after3e.jpg (6254 bytes)after4.jpg (27023 bytes)after41.jpg (30971 bytes)after4a.jpg (25824 bytes)

after4b.jpg (29959 bytes)after4c.jpg (25747 bytes)after4d.jpg (38802 bytes)after4e.jpg (19659 bytes)after5a.jpg (17489 bytes)Low and tight cut.after5c.jpg (26477 bytes)after5d.jpg (12437 bytes)after5e.jpg (60107 bytes)after5f.jpg (18961 bytes)after5g.jpg (9306 bytes)after6a.jpg (20201 bytes)after6b.jpg (21545 bytes)

after6c.jpg (7381 bytes)after6d.jpg (16484 bytes)Contrasting inner and outerskin. after7b.jpg (22946 bytes)circ.jpg (14403 bytes)Note the cut halfway on the shaft - perfect cut. Frenum intact. cerect1.jpg (21102 bytes)Note the near invisible cut.

Low and tight cut with the corana fully flared out. Neil2.jpg (15965 bytes)Low Cut.Neil5.jpg (17731 bytes)Neil7.jpg (14733 bytes)A Prince Albert ring is popular amongst many circumcised men for increased sexual stimulation. High and tigth cut. Dec2.jpg (7928 bytes)Higth and tigth but note the contrast between the inner and outer skin.Low cut with complete removal of all inner foreskin.Perfect cut, no visible scarring.

Low and tight- excellent cut. Neat cut, possibly Gromco which has caused the scarification on the top. Rim2.jpg (15495 bytes)Coronal ridge development after requesting to be circumcised at the age of 15 years.John.jpg Note the prominent frenumThe circumcision scar is nearly invisible. Excellent cut. Note the circumcision scar. Very low cut- very close to the corona.

Well healed adult circumcision. The cut is uneven suggesting a freehand circumcision. Very neat circ with a near invisible scar. High cut but note how the skin thickness varies in the front and back of the cut. Junc05.jpg (16386 bytes)Note the flaring out of the coronal rim. High cut. High cut and note the tension in the frenum area.Neat clamp cut with the frenum retained. Tight cut but uneven in the frenum area. Note the scarring at the meatus.Neat even cut with possible signs of inner foreskin stretching.

Very neat cut- invisible scar and close to being perfect. Neat Circ with a nearly invisible cut line.Natural looking circ with the corana nicely flared out. Neat fairly high cut with a prominent corana.Neat Circumcision. Perfect !!A high cut which should have been a low cut due to the difference  in skin thickness at the scarline.High cut with frenum intact.Coronal scarring due to poor frenum removal.Neat cut.

Note the coronal flaring.Ideal cut look.Very neat circ.

Cut and proud of it.A well balanced build plus the the gift of being fully circumcised.  Showing the rim.



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