Ngome Healing Testimonies



30 AUGUST 1964


About Monica Simelane:

Perhaps you remember still this skeleton which you yourself baptised on a Good Friday. I can still remember the words when you said: "With her one does not need to ask whether she is in danger of death before baptising her."

This case was a Caesarean section. The woman came much too late and she was already very septic. The wound did not heal. She was operated a second time, and on that Good Friday a non- – Catholic nurse came to me and said: "Sister, I can no longer nurse Monica. We just removed the clamps and the wound is again wide open. Can you still do anything for Monica?" I consulted the doctor. His reply was: "It is abdominal TB and on top of it this septic wound. There is no hope for her!"

Now I thought again of my ‘Tabernacle of the Most High’. (At that time we did not yet have the water.) I went to the patient with the picture and spoke to her about the ‘Tabernacle of the Most High’ to her. Monica spoke to the picture as to a living being her own prayer. After a short while Monica said: "I am not going to die. This lady is going to heal me."

Next day the same nurse came to me again and said: "Come with me and see what has happened." I went with her – and what did we see? The wound was healed! The nurses were all crying.

A few weeks later Dr. Koehler asked me: "When did this lady Monica die?" My reply: "She is alive!" Doctor replied: " So one should not give up on anybody as long as the heart still beats." My reply: "She is healed through a miracle."



Missionary Benedictine Sister of Tutzing



A small lipoma over her left eye is removed by Dr. Manfred Niebuhr of Vryheid. Three stitches are made and the excised lipoma is sent for laboratory testing.


Lab result: Basal cell carcinoma

April 1991:

Dr. Niebuhr is consulted because of a wound over the right temple which was enlarging and wet since 1988. Dr. Niebuhr refuses to operate and refers Sr. Deotilla to a dermatologist in Pietermaritzburg because the wound is directly over a facial nerve and he would rather have a specialist do this operation.

Sr. Deotilla refuses to see the specialist. In 1992 Mother Edeltrud Weist, a medical doctor and prioress general of the Tutzing Sister, leaves the decision up to Sr. Deotilla.


The wound looks terrible, like skin cancer, and is bleeding. The dressing is changed daily. A visit is made to Dr. H.R. Neuman, Superintendent of the Vryheid Hospital. Dr. Neuman also looks at the wound and calls immediately to Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Both dermatologists offer an appointment only in August 1993. Dr. Neuman advises to accept the appointment on 4 August with the specialist in Pietermaritzburg.


On this day Sister Maria Froning and Sister Deotilla begin a novena to Our Lady of Ngome for healing. Sister Gerharda, the nurse, dresses the wound as usual. After two days it is no longer necessary to change dressings. The wound is completely dry and healed. Inexplicable!


Dr. Neuman visits Sister Deotilla who is a patient at the Vryheid Hospital on account of nose bleeding. Doctor looks at the wound i.e. the place where the wound had been. He looks at Sister Deotilla and me and does not know what to say. It seems that he, just like me, cannot grasp it. Then he asks me: "Sister, what did you do?" Sister Deotilla answered his question and said: "Doctor, we prayed."

Asked what we should do, whether he as doctor would notify the specialist in Pietermaritzburg and cancel the appointment for 4 August, he replied: "Come with Sister Deotilla a week before the appointment, then I will decide whether or not she is to go to Pietermarizturg." That would be on 26 July.


Appointment with Dr. Neuman for evaluation of the healed wound. Dr. Neuman: "Referral to the dermatologist, Dr Erasmus in Pietermaritzburg is superfluous because the wound is really completely healed."


Sr. Gerharda Kils, OSB, Inkamana, 15 April 1994

I approve the above notes of Sister Gerharda and affirm that they are the truth.

Sr. Deotilla Schuck, OSB


To whom it may concern. 23 November 1994.

Sister Deotilla was examined by me on 27 April 1993. She was suffering from skin cancer of the right cheek. She was seen by me again on 10 June 1993, and I found although she had no treatment, all traces of cancer had disappeared.

Dr H.R. Neuman


Testimony of Innes d'Unnieville

Empangeni, 30/07/1990

It was in August 1988, when my sister and my niece insisted that I go to Ngome with a pilgrimage. Meanwhile I had no inclination whatsoever to do something like that as I disliked any fanaticals and excited gatherings, besides, my financial situation did not permit me to do so. But I was invited to join, and on the 12th the pilgrims led by Father Walsh departed from Durban to Ngome, what a wonderful experience, but, I was still not convinced, as I watched everyone going down to the springs to collect the water. I duly, imitated others and also filled up a tiny bottle.

That night, at the hotel in Mkuze, I just wanted to be on my own, so that I could reflect upon the experiences of the day. There was no words to describe it. The shrine was really a special place.

Six months later my health started to deteriorate and on the 21/01/1989 I haemorrhaged most of the night and in the morning, it became quite heavy and I was starting to get weak

After contacting my children in Empangeni, my son in law fetched me from my flat in Durban and took me back with him, there I stayed for 2 days and the bleeding carried on and off.

On the 23/01/1989, the local gynaecologist examined me and diagnosed an advanced tumour in the womb. He ordered me to spend the night in Empangeni Hospital, as I had lost a lot of blood and was in a bad shape. I would probably need to have a transfusion. Thereafter I would have to go to Addington Hospital in Durban, as there were no equipment’s locally for the treatment, which I needed.

In my shock and desperation, I called upon Our Lady to help me. And I remembered that I had in my handbag a photograph of the painting, depicting the apparition of the mother of the Redeemer, Tabernacle of the Most High. I placed this photograph at the spot where the tumour was situated. The bleeding stopped instantly and has never come back, to this date, there was also no need for any transfusion.

The next day my children drove me to Addington Hospital, where I stayed for 10 days, during which I drank a few drops of Ngome water daily, I had an entire trust in this water and my faith grew deeper.

During my stay, the doctors did a biopsy of the tumour, and told me that I had cancer in my womb, but not to worry, there will be no surgery, only treatments. I was not to stay in hospital but could come in to receive a combination of cobalt and radium treatments.

Now everyone who knew about me and about these treatments warned me that they were dreadful and that I had to take great care because of the after effects. Well I had 20 sessions with a break of 15 days in between. I never had any reactions, I managed to stay all by myself and was truly carried through this whole period of time. I must admit that the photograph and my Rosary never left me.

In May 1989, barely 5 months later, I had my first medical examination and the doctor certified that there was no more trace of cancer in the womb. Every 3 months I have to go to the hospital to be examined and every time I’ve been clear.

My faith is a gift from God, for which I want to give Him thanks and all glory.


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