Spectacular phenomenon at Ngome!

13 December ’97 was a very special day at Ngome. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception had been transferred from Monday the 8th to Saturday the 13th Dec. Many members of the various communities of Benedictine Sisters of Twasana arrived at Ngome early in the morning to celebrate the establishment of a new convent comprising four Benedictine Sisters at the Ngome Shrine.

The morning was taken up with Mass of the Immaculate Conception and various prayers conducted in the Shrine. Celebrations continued throughout the day. At the end of the Mass Fr. Michael Mayer OSB, the custodian of the Ngome Shrine, welcomed the Sisters to Ngome. This day in a very real sense symbolized for many a major step towards the fulfillment of the desire that Sr Reinolda had had for a strong eucharistic presence at Ngome, since adoration of the Blessed Sacrament would now become a regular occurrence at the Ngome Shrine. Sr. Regina, the Sister Prioress of the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Twasana, said that the day was truly a historic day for their order.

About twelve minutes after sunset a dramatic phenomenon appeared in the sky above Ngome. It was captured on video. The phenomenon consisted of several rays of blue light radiating from the direction at which the sun had set. The rays gradually increased in number and in thickness. Shortly before they disappeared the illuminated clouds in the sky resembled flames. The entire phenomenon lasted for approximately fifteen minutes. Everyone present was greatly moved by the occurrence.

On 8 Feb 1998 the images of the rays were featured on the SABC TV program 50/50. The scientific explanation presented in the program to describe the phenomenon was accurate and the rarity of such a dramatic display of crepuscular rays was clearly stressed. The rays were again featured on national television on 28th and 29th June '98 as part of a documentary on Ngome produced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Even though the phenomenon was visible over a large area of land on that evening, it has been ascertained that the crepuscular rays looked at their best from directly alongside the Ngome Chapel. This is because there was a perfecly straight line between the shrine, the cloud formation causing the main crepuscular ray and the sun. In light of this, and in addition to the fact that the phenomenon occurred on a day of great significance in the story of Ngome, many believe that the event was indeed a sign from God - a sign which was intended not just for the people of Ngome but also for the people of Southern Africa and beyond.

A poster has been digitally printed depicting four images of the breathtaking phenomenon. The size of the poster is slightly larger that A3.

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