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Ngome Video Series for Youth

Video 1: The Youth Speak Out (48 minutes)

Video 2: Youth at the Tabernacle (45 minutes)


With this new 2-part Youth video series on Ngome we have done something completely new.

We have documented a truly awe-inspiring, adrenaline pumping, youth pilgrimage to Ngome in such a way that after watching the video you'll feel as if you'll have to hop on the next bus to get there.

The videos are fast moving and captivating from start to finish - jam-packed with unexpected surprises.

Video 1 begins with a peaceful 5-minute meditation by Fr Craig - spiritual director for the pilgrimage. The concept of the pilgrimage, previously recorded at Ngome, sets the scene for all that's to come ...and then the pace and style of the video takes a rapid shift as the Pilgrim Bus of Youth departs from Cape Town. From then on be prepared for the unexpected, but be warned, you will have to be young at heart to appreciate all that follows.

We do not wish to give too much away, except to say that the video seems to twist and turn like a roller-coaster going from spiritual highs and moments of seriousness to fun and games and laughter to moments of insight and deep personal sharings with the youth.

You owe it to all the young people you know to get them to see this video. It's all about transformation and conversion, finding Jesus Christ, discovering the Church, searching for peace and stillness, falling in love with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and developing a deep love for Mary our Mother and Tabernacle of the Most High.


Some impression on the youth series by Father Michael Mayer (custodian of Ngome Shrine):

"I was taken by surprise. The approach is direct. It's made for people who are not familiar with Ngome. There is much action. The presentation is lively. I laughed a lot. On the other hand it is deep. The message is brought across well. The pictures are just top."


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A Metanoia Production

Digitally produced, after four years of research, planning and editing, this 63 minute video tells the story of Ngome in South Africa. It provides a detailed documentary on the life of Sister Reinolda May OSB (1901-1981) and the early developments that have take at Ngome up to the death of Sister Reinolda. The film also features dramatizations of each of the ten encounters of Sr. Reinolda with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Introducing the major Marian apparition sites of Africa: Zeitoun (Egypt) and Kibeho (Rwanda) this video also features the moving testimony of Coptic Orthodox Bishop Markus who witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady in Zeitoun.

Today, Ngome has blossomed into a shrine of unique beauty offering a message of sound theological significance. Increasingly pilgrims are being drawn here to discover Christ in a more profound way through Mary and the Blessed Eucharist.

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A Metanoia Production

This video continues the ongoing story of the blossoming of Ngome. It provides a detailed documentary on the many developments that have taken place there, from the death of Sister Reinolda until the arrival of the new Benedictine community at Ngome - the "community of adoration"

Painstakingly produced over a period of one and a half years the film gradually unfolds the recent history of this unique place of grace. The video incorporates certain important and rare footage captured by various pilgrims to Ngome. Also featured are moving testimonies of healings attributed to Mary Tabernacle of the Most High, as well as dramatic footage of signs in the heavens captured on video.

All the images used in the video have been carefully selected as the most appropriate to convey the mood and unique atmospheric beauty of Ngome. Another important dimension to this video is the soundtrack. Each piece of music used in the video (from traditional hymns and songs to ambient themes) has been chosen to convey the mood of each particular scene.

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Ngome: Songs of The 10 Encounters

A Metanoia Production

Performed by the Benedictine Sisters of Twasana and the School Choir of Twasana Convent

This CD features 9 original songs composed by Sr. Irene of the Benedictine Convent of Twasana. The Songs were performed before an audience in the Ngome Chapel in September 1998.

In their traditional Zulu style the songs beautifully capture the atmosphere of Ngome and the mood of the messages given by Our Lady, Tabernacle of the Most High to Sr. Reinolda May. In addition, Sr. Irene provides a thought provoking commentary to guide the listener through the messages.

These beautiful and compelling melodies are sometimes accompanied by traditional forms of percussion. The sound of water is also used to symbolize the sound of the seven springs.

Audio CD Price R70.00


This short booklet produced by Fr. Michael Mayer and John Engelbreght tells the story of Sr Reinolda May’s encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary at Nongoma in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Mary revealed herself as Tabernacle of the Most High, asking that people convert and prepare themselves to also become tabernacles for the glory of her Son. She asked for a Shrine to be built in the ‘place where seven springs come together’.

Today, Ngome has blossomed into a popular place of pilgrimage for the people of Southern Africa. Many take from Ngome a deeper sense of Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist and of love and devotion to Mary Tabernacle of the Most High. As pilgrims we are called to conversion of heart through repentance and penance that we may be more aware of our role as bearers of Christ, as Tabernacles of the Most High.

15 Pages, Price: R5.00

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