Where is Ngome?



Making a Pilgrimage

Getting to Ngome is not very difficult provided you have a good road map. Ngome is about 5 hours drive from Johannesburg and just over 4 hours drive from Durban. Ngome is about 80 km from the town of Vryheid. The roads are in good condition. However, the last seven kilometres of the journey is a sand road. Please note that one needs to take caution if you are travelling from Durban via the small town of Nongoma, since sections of the road from Nongoma to Ngome are not tarred.



It is recommended that you contact Fr. Michael Mayer, the custodian of Ngome Shrine, before coming. He can give you directions and tell you if there is space available in the Ngome Pilgrims Rest if you are intending to stay the night. Fr Michael's phone number, when dialing from within South Africa, is 034 - 982 2577.

Pilgrimage bookings for groups have to be done by fax or letter. It is imperative that bookings for groups are done in writing, since verbal bookings by phone may result in confusion.

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