Ngome has become a special source of Grace and Life for many.

A pilgrimage to Ngome should become for us a journey into the Mind and Heart of God.

If you're wanting to join others on pilgrimage to Ngome please contact:

Johannesburg : Mr. John Engelbrecht

Phone 011-793 3764

Write: PO Box 1265, Fontainebleau, 2032


Click here to book a pilgrimage from Johannesburg to Ngome through Bonnijon

Pretoria: Enita Davis

Phone 072- 379 1111

Gauteng Annie Dierx

Phone: 072-150 2024

PO Box 3395

Vanderbijl Park


Cape Town: Norman Servais

Phone 021-461 1600

PO Box 1601

Cape Town, 8000



If you have comments or suggestions, send email to

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