The Legion of Little Souls

Towards the end of her life St. Therese of the Child Jesus implored Our Lord to choose himself a Legion of Little Souls worthy of His Love:

"Oh Jesus! why can't I tell all little souls how unspeakable is Your condescension? I feel that if You found a soul weaker and littler than mine, which is impossible, You would be pleased to grant it still greater favors, provided it abandoned itself with total confidence to Your Infinite Mercy...Yes, I know it, and I beg you to do it. I beg You to cast Your Divine Glance upon a great number of little souls. I beg You to choose a LEGION of little Victims worthy of Your Love."

This prayer of St. Therese has not remained unanswered....


How did The Legion of Little Souls come about?

In 1965 Our Lord began giving a series of urgent messages to a humble wife and mother, named Margerite, living in Belgium. The response of the Catholic Faithful to these messages gave birth to The Legion of Little Souls. The Legion of Little Souls is today a Private Association of the Faithful, and is located in more than 70 countries, where it is under the direction of Priests and lay people.

The Book, The Message of Merciful Love, which contains the messages, has sofar been translated into more than 14 languages, and has an imprimatur from a bishop in each of the language groups.

The Little Souls Herald is the newsletter of The Legion of Little Souls.

If you wish to receive the book or the newsletter please contact Ron Gerber @ The Legion of Little Souls Tel: 041-379 2879


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