A.Holloway (Electronics)
Professional Product at Industrial Prices.
Andrew Holloway officially began his career in electronics when he joined
EMI Electronics in Hayes, England, in 1964 - but it all began long before then,
as a hobby when he was only 8 years old. At 14 he build his first (27-valve) TV receiver.
Since then he has been involved in design, development and commissioning of
TV (and other) projects, from camera through to transmitter and aerials.
Andrew originally came to South Africa to carry out final commissioning, on-site modifications,
and staff training on all EMI-made equipment supplied to the SABC during its TV start-up phase -
this encompassed routing and switching equipment in Auckland Park (and regional centres),
plus all vision mixers and special effects units etc. installed in the studios and
outside broadcast vehicles. He followed this with responsibility for design, installation,
and maintenance of TV transposers supplied to various municipalities, and for country-wide maintenance
of computerised X-ray ("CAT") scanners (and all other products supplied by EMI Electronics in SA).
He was then involved as a founder of Johannesburg Video (later Avvid, and then part of Spescom),
followed by the foundation of Chroma Video (later part of the Toron/Video Lab partnership, then becoming ZSE-TV).
 A.Holloway (Electronics) as a stand-alone has been in existence for fourteen years now,
and we have designed and built a considerable range of video processing equipment -
distribution amplifiers (video and audio), switchers, matrices, etc.
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