Zorya: Slavic Warrior Goddess

There are two Slavic Goddesses called Zorya and they are sisters. The one is called Zorya Utrennyaya and she opens the gates of heaven every morning for the sun to start its journey. The other is called Zorya Vechernyaya and it is her task to close the gates of heaven in the evening after the sun has completed its daily journey.

Zorya is a warrior goddess who is associated with the sun god Perun. She lives on a happy island called Bouyan that has a magic river that cures all ills. Below the river lies the land of the dead.

They are also the guardians of the hound that is chained to Ursa Major. If this creature is to brake free, it will destroy the world (similar to the Norse hound Fenrir).

The two Zoryas open and close the gates for their father Dazhdbog to complete his daily ride. Their other two sisters are Zezhda Dennitsa and Vechernyaya Zezhda, the morning and evening stars, who look after their father's horses.

Zorya also protects warriors with her veil.