The Wila

The Wila : Slavic fairie-like spirits

There is no mistaking the Wila. They are fairy-like spirits who live in the wilderness and sometimes in the clouds. They are reputed to be the spirits of women who lived a frivolous life and is suspended between here and the afterlife.

The Wilas can shape shift and change freely from wolves to horses, snakes, falcons, swans and beautiful naked maidens with long flowing hair. If a mortal plucks a hair, the Wila will either die, or be forced back into her original shape.

To crown it all they also posses beautiful voices and it is said that if a mortal heard the voice of a Wila, he or she will forget to eat, drink or sleep for several days.

But all is not charm and beauty. The Wilas are also fierce warriors and the earth is said to shake when they do battle. They are also known to hunt with bows and arrows from the backs of horses or deer and will kill any man who defies them or breaks his word.

They like dancing and fairy rings are left where they have danced. This is not to be trodden on by mortals as this will bring bad luck, so tread carefully. They are also known to invite young men to dance with them with either euphoric or fatal results, depending on their mood.

Not all are frivolity though as they poses healing and prophetic powers and are known to have helped mankind. Offerings can be made of round cakes, ribbons, fruits, vegetables and flowers. These are to be left at sacred trees, wells and fairy caves.