Vampire: Not gods but kind of immortal creatures

Vampires are part of Slavic mythology. It can be argued that they are not strictly gods or goddesses but they are kind of immortal and thus warrant inclusion in the Pantheon. They are known to hang around in the shadows of the gods and mortals.

The name Vampire is a broad definition of a complex brood of creatures.

The Strigoica is the female counterparts of the Strigoii. These are "dead vampires" who can be identifiied by their red hair, blue eyes and two hearts.

There is also the Morroii, live woman vampires who have power over all living things and are known to perform for others for a fee. They are normally red faced and their more uncommon male counterparts are usually bald or balding.

The souls of the real Vampires, the dead kind, leave their dead bodies and feed on the life force of their family members until the complete family dies out. There seams to be a three day period after death where the dead person's soul can latch on to a weak or morally corrupt living being. They do not take the life force of the living as this will kill the host, but they possess him or her and take the blood of others. If there were no family members, the Vampire would ring the church bell, signaling death to all who heard.