Urd: Germanic Goddess of Destiny and one of the three Norns

Urd, Fate.
The Gods hold their daily assembly at your well
under the great cosmic tree Yggdrasil.

Between you and your sisters Verdandi and Skuld,
you are Fate, Present and Future.
Together you decide on the destinies
of Gods, giants, dwarfs and us mortals.

The Norse call you Norns, the Greeks Fates.
Your presence is strong and thus you persisted,
even after your own fates were sealed by Christianity,
you even made a courtesy appearance in Macbeth
as the Three Sisters on "the blasted heath".

You are still with us, in us, around us
It was just a temporary lapse on our part
not by our will, but by force.
But our memory of you is strong
and we are returning, one by one.

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