Tuatha De Danann

Tuatha De Danann: People of the Goddess Danu

Eire was originally inhabited by the Fir Bolgs. But then the Tuatha De Danann arrived on the 1st of May (Belthane) from the coast hidden under a shrowd of mist. The Morrigu created fog, rainstroms and lava to fall on the Fir Bolgs and they had to take shelter for 3 days whilst their own druids figured how to overcame the spells.

Finally the two sides met and the Fir Bolgs were defeated in a bloody battle. The surviving Fir Bolgs were given Connaught to live in and the Tuatha De Danann took control of Ireland.

After the arrival of the Gaels, the Tuatha De Danann was driven underground. They were skilled in magic and created a wonderful kingdom beneath the hills of Tir Na Nog, the land of the forever young. In the Sidhe (fairy hills) there is immortality, ageless beauty, continual feasting, hunting and revelry. These hills are sometimes natural, but more often the megalithic burial mounds of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

This is the world of the fairies, the Tuatha De Danann, the People of the Goddess Danu. This where the supernatural is controlled, magick is in the air and time stands still. Beware if you enter a Sidhe as you might only reappear in a few hundred years.

The symbol of the Tuatha De Danann is the cross-quartered circle (the Celtic cross) representing the union of male and female energies. The cross represents the four elements and the four corners of the earth, the circle is the whole and the earth womb.

It is said that they still come out to play sometimes, but are only seen by the innocent and the young at heart.