Sekhmet - Lion Goddess of Egypt

Powerful and mighty Sekhmet
Feared goddess of war
Daughter of RA
Lady of the flame.

With Bast you guard the East and West
While Nekhebet and Wadjet guard the south and north
Goddess of the mountain
And of the setting sun.
Hathor, the Egyptian sky goddess and daughter of the sun god Ra is associated with Sekhmet the lioness. When the aging Ra became aware that humans were plotting against him he became enraged, as he often did, and send the divine Eye, the powerful burning power of the sun to slaughter them.

The eye, in the form of Hathor, took the form of Sekhmet (yes it is a bit complicated) and the "Powerful One" created a bloodbath, the likes that have never been seen. She got so carried away at her bloody task that Ra eventually had to put a stop to it for fear that all of humankind would be exterminated.