Persephone: Greek Queen of the Underworld

Maiden of the Spring, Goddess of the Dead.
As the maiden Kore you were enticed by a bloom of narcissus
and strayed too far from your companions, it is said.
Then a chariot rode up through a chasm in the earth
and Hades abducted you to Tartarus
to become Persephone, Queen of the underworld.

Hades forcefully fulfilled a secret promise by your father Zeus
but your mother Demeter was angered and neglected her earthly duties.
The earth withered as Demeter searched far and wide with two torches,
wandering the earth, stricken with grief.
The plants wilted, animals bore no offspring
and death stalked mankind, forcing Zeus to eventually intervene.

But you have eaten a pomegranate's seed in Hades' realm
and could not return entirely.
You had to spent your time divided between the living and the dead,
two thirds of the year with Demeter and one third with Hades in Tartarus.
Birth and death, heaven and earth, spring and winter, yin and yang.

If all that is told is true, you enjoyed both Tartarus and Earth
and when in Tartarus would spent hours wandering around
looking for lost souls to guide.
Kore, Persephone, you have completed the circle.