The origins and use of the Pentagram dates back to antiquity and has been used by many civilizations and cultures since the early Sumerians. The Jews saw it as symbolizing the five books of Moses, the early Christians ascribed it to the five stigmata - the wounds of Christ on the cross. The Pythagorians considered it to be the perfect symbol, a composition of five Alpha's symbolizing infinity. It has been used by magicians throughout the middle ages as a symbol of protection, stronger than the cross. In the occult it is used to ward off evil. It is only since the Inquisition that it has been associated with evil and called the Witch's Foot.

Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients; EARTH (lower left-hand corner), FIRE (lower right-hand corner), WATER (upper right-hand corner), AIR (upper left-hand corner), surmounted by SPIRIT (topmost point). This becomes a graphic portrayal of spirit ruling over the elements and, when the Pentagram is placed within the circle, (A symbol of Eternity and Totality or Unity) its energy is focused and directed.