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Other Goddesses contains a collection of Goddesses and witches that did not quite fit into the other Galleries.
Goddesses and Witchcraft appears in almost all cultures, regardless of nationality and geographical location and it would appear that these concepts are truly universal. The Goddess is the one factor that bounds all nations on earth together such as nothing else ever have.

Most goddesses have their founding in nature, being either earth itself, seasons, or other elements such as the moon and water. The origin of the Goddess probably stems from a need to explain the cycles, calamities and quirks of nature. What better parallel can be used to explain the cycles of nature than women with their menstrual cycles? Women are symbols of the fertility of nature itself.

Contrary to modern belief, witchcraft is this celebration of nature, how it affects us and how we affect it. Originally it had nothing to do with anything sinister or with the devil, which was an invention of the modern Christian church to scare and subordinate its followers.

The fact that the western world and its beliefs, politics and economic systems are currently ruling the world is no guarantee that this will last forever. In fact, history tells us that all cultures are fleeting and constantly changing. The only constant is the cycles of nature and the earth that we are living on. Even this might not be as constant as we would believe it to be and the only real constant is change itself.

As individuals we have a very fleeting time on earth, and it is sad that we are so involved in making ends meet in the current economic system that we were born into, that we care to ignore past, present and future possibilities.

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