Numbers are important in most parthenons and religions. Apart from the usual days in the year, months in a year and so forth, there were aslo the more mystical numbers of 12, 3 and 7.

Twelve months in the year, 12 signs of the pagan zodiac, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples for Mithras, and later, 12 disciples for Jesus. The tripple aspect of the Goddess, three wise men, three days to reserection, God, son and holy spirit, God son and the Goddess. 7 Hindu Chakras, the number of god, the number of endocrine glands in the body, the seven levels of the world, right down to the underworld on the seventh level.

And then there are snakes. I know its not a number but it is common enough to be mentioned. Snakes has led us astray according to some with the snake convincing Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, or has led us to wisdom according to others in earlier eras with the Serpent God Enki teaching humans survival and farming skills, and obviously snakes had to be concured in the form of their dragon bretheren by romantic Christian knights. And what about intertwined snake symbols symbolising DNA, wasn't this originally Enki's symbol, and what if there are 7 coils?