Nephtys: Egyptian Goddess of Dusk and Mistress of the Night

Nephtys is an Egyptian goddess who had many names. She was also called Nebthet and Neb-hut amongst others and Nephtys is what the Greeks called her.

She is the youngest child of Geb and Nut and thus sister to Isis and Osiris and both sister and wife of Set. Incest was common amongst the Egyptian gods. She is known as the Goddess of Dusk and Mistress of the Night. She left Set after he killed Osiris and helped Isis to resurrect Osiris and look after her son Horus.

Nephtys is considered to be a protectress of the dead and Hapi, the protector of the lungs of the deceased. Her main role was to meet the spirit of the dead king and accompanying him into the "Lightland". Her association with funerals is not as death itself, but as the companion who gives guidance and as the Lady With Wings who comforts the living relatives.