Southern Light - Music Page

I have two loves, photography and music. This page will not go the way of the rest of my website as I have far to limited web server space to actually put some of my own compositions on line. But what I will do is to put some of my loudspeaker designs on the web for those who are interested in such matters, and make some reccomendations of what I think is worth listening to. You might not agree but who cares.

I escape into Delirium using the following equipment:
Marantz CD17 mkIII CD player
Harmon Kardon DV47 (for SACD & DVDs)
Rotel 1069 processor/pre-amp
Rotel 1075 power amp
AudioQuest interconnects
Ultralink Bi-wire speaker cable
Nike loudspeakers (homebuilt transmission lines - see my loudspeaker page)

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