Morrigan, Supreme Celtic Goddess of War, Queen of the Fairie and Patroness of Priestesses and Witches

At the Ford you wash the clothes of those destined to die,
and then with Fea, Nemom, Badha and Macha,
encourage the fighters to a frenzy of battle madness.

You change your shape as you wish.
Sometimes you are Morrigan, then a fairie
or your favorite, a raven or a hooded crow.
You even became Morgaine or Morgan La Fay,
half-sister to Arthur Pendragon.

Morrigan, Morgaine, Morgan La Fay,
you tried to show Arthur the way of the Goddess
but Gwenhwyfar converted him
and he forgot the promise to the Lady of the Lake.
His downfall was eminent when Gwenhwyfar
convinced him to go into battle
carrying the banner of the Virgin Mary,
rather than that of the Pendragon.

Morrigan, Morgaine, Morgan La Fay,
I know you are still out there.
Who are you now?