Medb: Celtic Warrior Goddess

Medb is another Celtic warrior goddess, but unlike Morrigan who used magic, preferred to wield a weapon in battle. She is renowned as a fierce fighter who can outrun a horse.

She is often referred to as the "intoxicated woman" and required thirty men a day to satisfy her sexual appetite. Her name is related to mead and madhu, meaning "sweet drink".

Medb is known for her long hair, fiery temper and strong will. It is said that battles would pause while she menstruated. She is also known to buy victory with her willing thighs.

When Medb engaged Ulster in battle all the men where laid low suffering pangs of childbirth (the curse of Macha). The only man unnafected was Cu Chullainn as he was British and not from Ulster.

After the arrival of Christianity Medb was downgraded to Mab, the spiteful Queen of the Fairies.