Southern Light - Worth a listen

My music tastes are rather catholic so take your pic. However, one should not get stuck in a rut so expand your mind baby, expand. All artist listed are worth a listen...

Lightning Hopkins (if you really want to go back to the roots of blues)
Keb Mo (more recent and well recorded)
Taj Mahal (the singer and guitarist, not the building)
Ali Farka Toure (blues of the African type)
Chris Rea (so many CDs to choose from but the best is The Blue Jukebox and his Live DVD The Road to Hell & Back is pure pleasure)

Diana Krall (hi fi evaluating stuff, sensual, better than any porn movie)
Jacques Loussier (espescially his renditions of Bach)
Any of the Marsalis brothers

This genre is huge but here are some of the better artists
Pink Floyd (a must if you are serious about rock, Wish You Were Here and Animals)
Led Zepelin (although I have always considered them to be a blues band)
Nine Inch Nails (if you are brave enough)
Patti Smith (the original rebel)
P J Harvey (following in Patti's footsteps)
Muse (one of the best modern acts)
Camel (espescially earlier work such as the Snowgoose)

Type O Negative (dificult to classify, a pity that they are American)
Diary of Dreams (Stimmulation is still my favourite)
Rammstein (addictive stuff from Germany, be warned)
Opeth (this Swedish band is simply stunning, be warned, not for whimps, kind of Camel doing death metal. Check out their Lamentations DVD, whow!)

Loreena McKennit (a definite must)
AfroCelt (dificult to categorise so here they are)
Dead Can Dance (another band that can not be categorised, Lisa Gerhard at her best)

Mahler (who else, give the second symphony a hearing. Kind of the Opeth of the time)

Beethoven (anything realy)

Avant Garde:
Øystein Sevåg (hi fi show-off stuff, sensual, start with the album named Bridge, a blend of jazz, classic, new age and rock. Pure musical bliss)
Tony Cox (Blue Anthem. Although Tony is a world famous guitarist, I bought this more for the now defunct backing band Benguela who's trademark is phsycedelic rock reminescent of early Pink Floyd, wonderfull stuff)

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