Isis : Egyptian Mother Goddess

Isis is the Egyptian mother goddess, the daughter of Geb and Nut and sister and wife of the first primordial king, Osiris. She is often depicted as a throne, having huge sheltering wings, or with a headdress showing horns encircling the sun disk.

It was Isis who taught the women of Egypt to ground corn and to spin and weave. She instituted the rites of marriage and also taught humanity the arts of medicine with the assistance of Thoth. When Osiris left on his world travels she ruled wisely in his stead.

Her great fame however, arose from her absolute devotion and dedication to her husband Osiris. Upon hearing of his death at the hand of the evil god Seth, she cut off her hair, put on mourning clothes and set off to look for his body. She eventually found Osiris's body and took it back with her and hid it in a swamp. But Seth discovered the body, cut it into 14 pieces, and then scattered these over the country.

Isis in turn gathered the pieces, reassembled it and using magick, the "Words of Power" , restored Osiris to life. She possessed the "Words of Power", either from Ra or from the scribe of the gods Thoth. It was this transferal of words by script to vocalization and vice versa that determined the creation of civilized society. Similar ideas are to be found in Sumerian and Babylonian mythology.

After the resurrection of Osiris, the couple conceived a child called Horus and set of for the Underworld. Isis was celebrated at a festival called Lychnapsia, the Festival of Lights, on August 12, to commemorate seeking her spouse in the darkness by torchlight.

Interesting that Osiris has recently been rediscovered as the forerunner to the Jesus story, of course it works better when you combine him with the Greek God Dionyses. As Osiris-Dioneses we have a guy who is born from a virgin, born on the 25th of December or the 6th of January, is visited at birth by three Magi, later turns water into wine, heals the sick, is associated with the number 12, dies, ascends to hell and is then magically ressurected. And this a couple of hundred years earlier.

And if it wasn't for Isis, aka Mary, nobody would have known about either.