Ishtar: Middle Eastern Goddess of the Moon, Lady of the Heaven, Lady of Battles

Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Esther. You have so many names
Lady of sorrows and battles, Queen of the Heaven
Goddess of the Moon and the evening
Great Mother, Shining One, Lady of Vision
Possessor of the Tablets of Life's Records

Praise to thee, oh sister of Erishkigal
For it is Shaputu, Full Moon
And there will be joyous celebrations in your temples
Even the men will be allowed to commune with you
By your priestesses offering sacred sexual rites

You preside over love, fertility, revenge and war
You purify us and assist us to overcome obstacles
The patroness of priestesses and guardian of the law
Goddess of both the positive and the negative
We offer kamanu to thee tonight

A Goddess of both the positive and the negative, so I just couldn't resist the Yin and Yangness of her.
Ishtar was a hugely important Goddess in the Middle East and she now justly resides in my PC as a 211 Megabyte file consisting of 20 layers in PhotoShop.