Hein's Links

Other South African artists on the Web

Visual Skills School
Website of my friend Hein Waschefort's photographic and graphics school out here in Pretoria

Jaco Wolmarans's handy photography site

Wimma's site with some stunning photography (displaying both his own and other artrist's work)

Some of my international friends

Home of B&W art photographer Steve Gosling

Tim Phillips
Good fine art nude photography by Tim

Jannis Erotic Jewellery
Erotic Jewellery from down under

Women in Greek Mythology
Stunning site with lots of info and artwork

A collection of some of the world's best photographers

If you understand French

Ron Hildebrand's website with some excellent fine art nudes
Blame it all on Ron, he suggested many years ago that I focus on nudes, so I did

Other useful photography sites

Nude Photography and art
Site devoted to nude art

Photoworld Erotic Galleries
Very active site for those interested in erotic photography

world's artring
Webring offering the best in photography

Tallulah's Art Gallery
Art (not photography) but worth a visit

Don't be fooled by the name. This is a very completre listing of who is who
in modelling and photography on the web with some very good links

For those wanting to explore the Fetish and BDSM scene

Two good starting points for those who want to explore alternative cultures

BDSM Alternative Loving
Check it out if BDSM tickles your fancy. Haven't seen the video but it sounds interesting

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