Southern Light - The Photography World of Hein Lass

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All Photographs taken with Natural Light! No boring studio shots here...

Please adjust your monitor before going any further. The following bar might be of help. If you can not distinguish between the different bars below, adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor until all bars can be differentiated. From what I have seen on most of my friends' new Laptops and PCs with LCD screens, the last few white bars are going to be one long white bar. Yeh, tune it down a bit. Not only might your eyes last a bit longer and get less exposure to radiation, but my photographs will also look a tad better, I promise! In most cases, the contrast needs to a bit higher than the brightness. My old MAG CRT monitor was perfect with the brightness somewhere in the 50s and the contrast in the early 80s, if that is of any help. My new LCD screen is sitting at a brightness of 15 and contrast at 67%. The guys making these screens must be thinking that we are all half blind. If you are running PhotoShop I strongly suggest using it's Adobe monitor calibration add-on software (normally to be found in My Computer after installation) Sorry to those of you riding on an Apple, I haven't got the foggiest idea of what you should do.