Hannahanna: Hittite Mother Goddess

Hannahanna is a Hittite mother goddess and goddess of birth, creation and destiny. She is reputed to be the mother of all gods. Her name means grandmother and she was served by a rather clever bee.

When the fertility god Telepinu disappeared from the world, death and decay took over. Hannahanna decided to send her bee to find Telepinu to the dismay of Teshub, the weather god, who have not managed to find him even though he and the other gods searched far and wide. The bee found Telepinu asleep in a field and promptly stung him as ordered by Hannahanna. The enraged god went on a bout of destruction, killing numerous humans and animals during his return voyage.

The other gods often consult her, especially Teshub (Taru).

Actually this is Bonnie and Bonnie can play any part. No acting, she can actually do it for real. We both liked the idea.