Frigg: Norse Mother Goddess

Frigg is the wife of Odhinn (Wotan) and the Norse Mother Goddess. She was also known as Queen of the Heavens and was a patron of love, marriage and the household.

Frigg's children were Baldr, Hod and Wecta and her importance amongst the Norse gods is confirmed by the fact that she was the only one, apart from Odhinn of course, who was allowed to sit on Odhinn's high seat Hildskjalf, from where one could look over the universe.

Frigg is concerned with keeping social order and is often called upon by women to give blessing during birth. She also teaches crafts such as spinning, weaving, sewing and cooking.

Frigg's name means "love" or "loved one" and her popularity in Northern Europe resulted in numerous variations of her name such as Frija, Friia, Friggja and Frigga. She is not to be confused though with Freyja, who had slightly different attributes although there are also numerous similarities. Also one must remember that Frigg was from Aesir descent and Freya from the opposing Vanir.