Freyja: Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty, Queen of the Valkyries

Freyja is the Norse goddess of love and beauty (fertility) but is also a warrior goddess and a practitioner of magic. She is the patron of crops, birth and all things sensual and beautiful. She has a twin brother called Freyr and they are of Vanir descent (wild nature and fertility gods and goddesses).

The Norse gods and goddesses were of two distinct lines, the Vanir and the Aesir. Some Norse tribes considered her to be more important than some of the other goddesses because she was of Vanir descent and they called her "The Lady". Freyja's family was assimilated into the Aesir after peace was made between the two warring groups.

Freyja is the Queen of the Valkyries, the choosers of the slain in battle to bear them to Valhalla (the Norse heaven).

Actually it is a girl called Vanessa in front of some rusty trains at the disused Capital Park train yard in Pretoria before the squatters took over.