Experimental stuff

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Virtual ships. Read more on the blow-up page

My Guitar, not exrpensive, but it does give me joy

A portrait using my hands, I did a similar oil painting about 20 years ago and rather liked the idea

And then there is the story of looking for Waldo. Exactly who Waldo is is still unclear to me and where the hell he is is even more of a mystery. Some beautiful fairy is looking for him and she has employed the services of a Belgian flying ace and his companion the faithful duck. In fulfilling their mission they encounter some shady ladies who seem to work at the Sleazer's Club, and maybe one day I will know how to finish it.

This is the jump. The witch has finally worked up her courage over a good few days and severel bottles of Mr Jack's best to finally jumped off the mountain. The very next day Wendy did the same, although not from a mountain and without Mr Jack and the fancy engineering aids.
The silly little fairie who watched the witch jump, drank some of Mr Jack's best that the witch left over, and fell off the mountain.


Hein W shooting an old steam train at Capitol Park in Pretoria early in the morning.

Botshebello's horses

And some more The lighthouse at Gansbaai

Jurie from Silex doing his thing at Zeplins

Pierre from varsity days doing his thing