Cybele: Phrygian Mother and Fertility Goddess

Cybele is another of the more hectic goddesses originating from Phrygia as the great mother and fertility goddess. She was also referred to as the "Lady of Ida", a mountain in western Anatolia.

Cybele is associated with the earth and she ruled the wild and dangerous areas of the earth. Her fame spread widely and cults were established at Catal Huyuk, Troy and Pessinus. Her cult eventually spread to Greece.

Her annual festivals were wild and wondrous. A chariot was drawn through the streets of Rome by lions. Phrygian bands supplied the music and her priests would beat themselves with whips and knuckle bones in a mad frenzy of ecstasy. As climax, a bull or ram was slaughtered on a platform. Underneath her high priest or priestess would stand drenched in blood.

Cybele had a son, Midas, by Gordius, the king of Phrygia. Midas' wish that everything he touched would turn into gold was eventually granted by Dionysus (with dire consequence to Midas).

Cybele is sometimes associated with Kubaba, "Lady of the Cube", an ancient goddess of the Hittites.

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