Ceridwen: a Welsh goddess of fertility, death, the moon and regeneration

Ceridwen has the honour of being married to the ugliest man in the world. In compensation she burned a cauldron that would make him the wisest and most respected man in the area. She set a young lad Gwion to watch the pot (some say he was her son) but a drop fell on his finger and he unwittingly sucked it.

So Ceridwen chased him through a variety of shape changes in anger. He changed to rabbit and she became a dog, he turned into a fish and she into an otter, he turned into a bird and she into a hawk. He finally changed into a grain of corn and she finally caught up with him. She turned into a hen and ate him as punishment. Yes, ate him. She fell pregnant and incarnated him as Taliesen, the most famous of all Welsh bards