Branwen: Welsh and Manx goddess of love and fertility

Her name means "white breasted" or "white cow". The ancient Welsh worshipped her as a Goddess of the Moon and Love.

Branwen is the sister of Bran and was given away to Matholwch of Ireland after his gift of fine horses to Bran. So Branwen married the Irish guy but could not please his people who complained about their foreign queen.

Matholwch was not much of hero and he banished her to the kitchen where she had to act as slave and her ears boxed by the butcher. She trained a starling to speak and after 3 years send word of her plight to Bran and he sailed for Ireland.

Matholwch was terified of the forrest approaching the land and after Branwen explained that it was Bran's fleet, he sued for peace although this did not last long. The rest of the tale is filled with bloody battles, lots of destruction and most of the participants dying.