Bloddeuedd: Welsh Goddess

Blodeuedd is a beautiful and magical woman who was conjured by Math and Gwydion as wife for Lleu, whose mother Arianrhod cursed him never to have a human wife. Her name means "born of flowers".

They lived happily until one day when she invited a passing hunter in for some refreshments. He was Goronwy, the lord of Penllyn, and they immediately fell in love.

They plotted to murder Lleu and this took some time. Lleu could only be killed while standing with one foot on the back of a goat and the other on the edge of a bath tub. In addition, it could only be by a spear that had taken a year to make. When they eventually attacked Lleu he did not die, but turned into an eagle, escaping into the air.

Math and Gwydion finally caught up with Blodeuedd and turned her into an owl as punishment.