Anahita: Persian Goddess of Water and Fertility

Anahita is a Persian goddess of water and fertility who even made an impact in the West. In the fourth century BC the ruler Artaxerxes II proclaimed that images of Anahita should be erected in all cities of the empire and this confirms that she must have been important. She was associated with the great god Mithra.

Anahita shares similarities with Nut and Ishtar and is thus associated with the planet Venus. Her name means "immaculate" and we can thus deduct that she probably overdresses. Her favourite outfit is a gleaming gold dress with a crown and lots of jewels. She promoted sacred prostitution.

Anahita is a sky goddess who is often seen riding through the skies in a chariot pulled by four horses named wind, rain, hail and cloud. Her fertility powers have also made her the patroness of semen.