Al-Uzzal: Arabian Warrior Goddess and daughter of Allah

So here we go again, another supposed daughter of Allah, this time the youngest according to Bedouin tribes. It seems that Allah's daughters had some affinity for stone blocks as Al-Uzza is associated with a black stone, but this time there was a mark or indentation called the "Impression of Aphrodite". This is kind of weird as Aphrodite was a later goddess and from the much later Greek era.

Archaeologists have found evidence of human sacrifice at her cult sites and maybe it is better that she has vanished from earth, very much like her sister Al-Lat. The tribe that the prophet Mohammed belonged to considered Al-Uzza to be of specific importance and even the great prophet is rumoured to have prayed to the sacred black stone associated with Al-Uzza in Ka'Aba, the shrine in Mecca. Al-Uzza was also known as Han-Uzzai.

Al-Uzza is associated with the warrior aspects of the goddess and with the morning star.